Inflammation is a hot topic in integrative and functional medicine and the root cause driver of many common chronic conditions, impacting health and longevity in our communities. In this virtual symposium, learn what inflammation is, what causes it, how to assess inflammation in patients with conventional and functional lab testing, and how to address it with therapeutic nutrition recommendations, lifestyle changes, and targeted supplements. This symposium will also include a lively panel discussion on inflammation from experts in the field. CEUs will be provided.
  • Achieving Inflammation Resolution: An Integrative Approach to Reset Chronic Inflammation, presented by: Dr. Abrar Al-Shaer, Ph.D., RD, LDN
  • The Genetics and Epigenetics of Inflammation Offer Valuable Clinical Insights presented by: Dr. Yael Joffe, Ph.D., FACN. 
  • Putting Out the Inflammatory Fire via Therapeutic Diet, Supplement, and Lifestyle Practices presented by: Cindi Lockhart, RDN, LD, IFNCP. 


Some of our recent events...

Student Happy Hour:  The Pathway to Becoming a Functional RDN
March 2023
We have a great lineup of professionals working in different areas of integrative and functional nutrition who are excited to share information on various pathways YOU can take to become a functional RD! Meet our speakers and learn more about the different paths to becoming a functional RD.  Pamela Malo, MS, RDN - works in private practice focusing on mind-body nutrition. Cynthia Bartok, Ph.D., RDN - Dietetic Internship Director at Bastyr University.  Laura Bollinger, MS, RDN - Director of the Masters of Science in Nutrition and Nutrigenomics Program at Manchester University. Sheila Dean, DCS, RDN, IFNCP - Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy Co-Founder. 

March Webinar

Getting to the Root of a Champion: An Intro to Functional Sports Nutrition by Kylene Bogden, RD, IFNCP

Presentation Slides 

Monday, March 13, 2023, 01:00 PM Eastern Time 


Functional Sports Nutrition is an advanced level of sports nutrition practice that guides the athlete beyond conventional sports nutrition recommendations. It is an innovative approach that teaches the concept of addressing the whole athlete, not just an isolated set of symptoms or complaints. Functional Sports Nutrition combines a comprehensive nutrition assessment with a thorough Functional Medicine based on creating personalized therapeutic interventions for the athlete.   This webinar will teach the framework needed for RDs looking to enhance their knowledge of gut health, nutrient deficiencies, and food sensitivities as it relates to the lifestyle and environment of an athlete. If you want to take your sports nutrition practice to the next level, this webinar is for you!

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon successfully completing this webinar, the participant should be able to:    
1.  Explain the difference between a functional and conventional sports nutrition approach.  
2.  Identify when it would be appropriate to use a functional nutrition approach when working with an athlete.  
3.  Recognize how to incorporate a functional nutrition approach without the use of additional testing to start.  
4.  Understand the difference in supplementation choices for the athlete being drug tested and ideal food and protein powder choices.


Join us for a Mind-Body RD virtual gathering 
Tuesday, April 18, 2023

10-11 am PACIFIC/11-12 pm MOUNTAIN/12-1 pm CENTRAL/1-2 pm EASTERN
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Note: Our meetings are not recorded however, everyone who registers will receive the meeting notes.
Who are the Mind-Body RDs?
  • We are a new and growing subgroup within DIFM.
  • We are composed of dietitians who integrate (or want to integrate) mind-body modalities with our work as RDs.
  • We meet quarterly to network and foster our own growth and the growth of this emerging area.

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Questions? Reach out to Pamela, DIFM Mind-Body Therapies chair, at