Mind-Body RD Meetup

Meeting Notes, Upcoming Events & Next Steps

Created by Pamela Malo, MHS, RDN

Meeting Notes

  • Noon Grounding exercise [led by Annie Kay]

  • 12:05 Mind Body History & Goals RD group [Pamela Malo]

    • History:

      • Inspired by RDs pioneering in this area, A mind-body FB group was started around 2015 by Pamela Malo. A handful of meetings were held over the next few years. Around 2018 (??) DIFM established the position of Mind-Body Therapies Chair, and Anu Kaur stepped into the role. Pamela Malo joined as co-chair in 2020, and then Anu stepped down in 2022 to pursue her doctorate. Monique Richard, former DIFM Chair, has served as a regular support and collaborator. With the explosion in the research and DIFM’s support, this movement of dietitians integrating mind-body modalities is at an exciting threshold of possibility. 312 RDs filled out the mind-body RD survey launched in the summer of 2022.

  • Goals [Drafted by Pamela and Monique– input form all is welcome]

    1. Create a NETWORK of mind-body RD practitioners who are the leaders in the field

    2. Create a Mind-Body RD DIRECTORY

    3. Offer EVENTS to other RD professionals and the general public

    4. Hold quarterly meetings - for networking, development, etc

    5. Create RESOURCES - ie, toolkits & handouts (a few are in progress!)

    6. Utilize a SHARED LEADERSHIP model (vs. hierarchical) with rotating roles, (meeting leader, note taker, etc) and all able to ask/offer help

    7. Have FUN. This movement will not be sustainable if it is not enjoyable!

  • 12:15 Attendee introductions (name, location, current mind-body practices). 

    • 27 RDs attended this event, from over a dozen states across the US 

      • IN, VA, OK, MA. NY, WA, MN, NJ, NC, KS, AL, GA, CT

    • We had students, newly minted RDs, active RDs & two retired RDs in their 70s :)

    • There are several RDs with experience utilizing mind-body techniques, and others excited to learn

    • Several comments were made expressing gratitude and excitement for the group

  • 12:45: Mind-Body Event Announcements

  • 12:55: Brief discussion What is the best way to stay connected?

    • Email, Slack, and FB are possible…a survey was proposed.

  • 1:00 Closing with a few deep breaths!

Needs & Next Steps

  • {All} Please reach out to Pamela (pamela@pamelamalo.com) if you have 30 minutes or more a month to help on the backend with things like

    • Developing the group’s mission/goals/vision/values

    • Writing/research: We are creating 1-page summaries of six mind-body modalities

    • Graphic design: Create a template for our mind-body handouts

    • Summarize the information from the mind-body survey

    • Creating a survey to determine the communication preference of the group (list serve, Slack, FB group, etc.)

  • {Pamela} Ask DIFM Chair about methods of communication- can we have our subgroup of the listserve?

    • ANSWER: YES. This is a formal process and will take time; until then, we can use the general discussion board and tag things with [MIND BODY RDs] in the subject line

  • {Pamela} Ask DIFM Chair if we can create and post our directory online, and if so, how that would work

  • {All} Join us at FNCE at DIFM events

    • DIFM Member Event - Sunday, October 7th, from 5-7 pm Hyatt Regency, Plaza E

    • Get your ‘I am a Mind-Body RDN’ sticker at FNCE!

When:  Sep 23, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (ET)